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Welcome to ClubFem!

Welcome to another wonderful Community Group: ClubFem!

This is their second time at APEX. We’re excited to offer them space so they can educate about their unique group!

About ClubFem:

ClubFEM is exclusively a FEMALE DOMINANT/male submissive group. We do not accept dominant men and submissive Women as members. Although some
of our members are switches, we do not allow switching of roles at ClubFEM parties
and events. Women are in control at all times. ClubFEM is an international group with 80 chapters worldwide. The Phoenix chapter holds monthly coffees, discussion groups, Munches and parties. We are a group that truly cares about our members and wants to help you learn to expand your kinky experiences

Welcome to Mr. Friendly and NCSF

In addition to our amazing vendors, demonstration, and education. It is important to educate about the things available in our Community. Please welcome Mr. Friendly and the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom to the 2013 Kink Karnival.

Mr.Friendly: Mr Friendly envisions a world without stigma of HIV. Mr Friendly assists organizations and individuals worldwide to help them fight stigma of HIV, fulfill their missions to minimize the further transmission of HIV, to help them raise funds and to maximize the quality of life for those living with HIV. Mr Friendly is an international, yet grassroots movement to reduce stigma of HIV, encourage testing for HIV, and improve quality of life for those living with HIV.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities.We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities.

Please welcome a returning Vendor to the Kink Karnival-Banner Knife and Garb!

Please welcome back  Banner Knife and Garb after a hiatus from the Kink Kanival!

About Banner Knife and Garb:

Banner Knife and Garb: We offer a full line of medieval and renaissance items. Banner Knife has over 20 years experience in high quality knives, swords, and distinguished costuming.  We specialize in custom clothes, shoes, weapons, and leather gear. We also provide knife sharpening and alterations.

Welcome to Wristrained!

Welcome back to Wristrained!

The winner of the 2013 Arizona Power Exchange Community Award, Wristrained has made a big impact in our community! Produced by Arizona Bound, Wristrained is Arizona’s only rop-themed convention. Wristrained returns on  April 26th-27th 2014 to the Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport,  427 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ  85008.

Wristrained is Arizona’s largest, and hottest, all rope bondage event. Wristrained is an event to celebrate local rope artists and enthusiasts. Our event is intimate and personal. Our Featured Artists take the time, beyond their scheduled instruction, to speak with you, to work with you, to answer your questions. The speakers we invite to our event may not be internationally, or even nationally, known presenters in the greater rope community, but they are skilled at what they do, and they are there to help. Wristrained Featured Artists understand that this event is intended to give back to our community, to strengthen our community, and that our attendees are the most important part of this event, not their ego.

Wristrained first spread it’s wings on April 13th, 2013. It was very well received by those who attended, and our attendance numbers were outstanding for a first time event. This year we look to go even bigger. This year we look to expand our offerings from what was (more or less) just a demostration setting at Wristrained 2013. We listened to your feedback, and have made every attempt to meet as many of the suggestions as we could.

Wristrained 2014 will have a great selection of demo style classes still as it’s backbone. We are hoping to bring you an even larger group of Artists this year! We hope to bring back some of (if not all of) our amazing presenters from Wristrained 2013.  We are also pushing the envelope further to develop the Arizona Rope Community by specifically looking for new talent, and looking to give those individuals a shot as one of our Introductory Artists.  These are artists who possesses the skills, but have yet to gain the opportunity to present at a large event.  We also look to expand Wristrained with an amazing offering of hands on training classes, as well as some very thorough extended intensive classes. We will also be including the much requested lunch break, as well as hoping to expand our vendor offering.


Help us welcome Southwest Leather Conference to the 2013 KK!

Please help us to welcome Southwet Leather Conference to the 2013 Kink Karnival!

Southwest Leather Conference: January 23rd – 26th, Phoenix Arizona!

Logo with title and words

Southwest Leather Conference 2014 will be navigating the element of Water with our theme of Emergence. We are the spiritual Leather conference and we invite you to come and find or explore your authentic self.

Emergence is the principal that separate entities can naturally come together to form a more complex, sympathetic whole and we want to commingle with you. Whether
it’s in one of our workshops, the Southwest Bootblack and Southwest Master/
slave contests, our rocking bootblack lounge, our dedicated nightly dungeons,
at our signature Our Place room for rituals and meditation, in our awesome
community sponsored hospitality suite or in the powerful Dance of Souls.

Set your sails and journey to Southwest Leather Conference to explore the depths of Leather, Sex and Spirit with your tribe …..emerge.