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Welcome to Roger Patterson!

Welcome back to Roger Patterson! One of the country’s best whip makers will be back in the house for the 2015 Kink Karnival!

Keep an eye on our vendor page -vendors are being added daily!

For the complete list of vendors, please visit the Vendor Page.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2015 Kink Karnival!

Welcome to Victor Tella!

Welcome back to Quality Whips by Victor Tella! One of the country’s premier whipmakers from right here in Arizona, Quality Whips by Victor Tella offers us Bullwhips, Signal whips,Single Tails and Snakewhips of the highest quality!

Stop by Snakewhip.com and let Victor know what you’d like to see at the 2014 Kink Karnival! Make sure you stop by and see these amazing whips, you won’t be disappointed!